Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mississippi Fred McDowell - Mississippi Delta Blues - Recorded 1965, Released in 1993.

Amongst the giants of the Delta blues genre, Mississippi Fred McDowell might not be the absolute greatest genius or the most intense. In some ways that really count, however, he created some of the most consistently engaging albums of this kind of music, performing with great power during the period when microphones were being put in front of him. While not totally forsaking the pure and simple nature of this music's structural gambits, he played with plenty of variation and a good supply of song subjects, tempos, and moods. When he is as well-recorded as is the case here, the sound of his acoustic guitar is unforgettable. One of his favorite tricks is alternating between the singing slide guitar anthems and a simple percussive strumming patter. 'You Got to Move' is an absolute classic, heard here in all its glory, and Mick Jagger can eat his heart out. This is one of those albums that can be slid forward gently when the subject of owning one, and only one, album of blues music comes up.
'Mississippi Delta Blues' is one of the definitive Mississippi Fred McDowell albums. Culled from two sessions, recorded in 1964 and 1965 respectively, this blues revival-era recording finds McDowell at his very best, performing powerful versions of traditional Delta blues songs, as well as a handful of originals. McDowell recorded many fine albums, but this is arguably his best.

1. Write Me A Few Lines - 3:38
2. Louise - 3:59
3. I Heard Somebody Call - 2:38

4. 61 Highway - 5:22

5. Mama Don't Allow - 2:32

6. Kokomo Blues - 2:05

7. Fred's Worried Life Blues - 2:42

8. You Gonna Be Sorry - 5:17

9. Shake 'Em On Down - 2:38

10. My Trouble Blues - 3:33

11. Black Minnie - 2:02

12. That's Alright - 3:04

13. When I Lay My Burden Down - 2:14

14. Ain't Gonna Be Bad No Mo' - 3:10

15. Do My Baby Ever Think of Me - 2:09

16. Brooks Run Into The Ocean - 5:44

17. Bulldog Blues - 3:53

18. Frisco Line - 4:01

19. You Got To Move - 3:21

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