Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sam Chatmon - 1970, 1974 - Released in 1999.


This selection of good-natured hokum and traditional country-blues offers fans of the genres more than an hour's worth of enjoyable, if not particularly essential, listening. Though Chatmon's singing and whistling is hampered by some missing teeth, the guitarist's fingerpicking still proves engaging, especially on "Prowlin' Groundhog" and the up-tempo  "Chatmon Family Rag." But like so many other rediscovered acoustic blues artists to be recorded decades after their heyday, Chatmon sounds tired at times, possibly even lost during a couple of the mid-tempo numbers. Backed by a full string band, including jug, at the album's end, Chatmon sounds more focused, singing with genuine energy and calling out spry encouragement to his bandmates during their solos. The disc notes include an interview with Chatmon that recounts -- how accurately, who knows? -- tales of the guitarist's early recording career and his amazingly talented family.

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