Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Big Joe Williams - Old Saw Mill, Blues From The Archives (Digitally Remastered) - 2010.


Big Joe Williams may have been the most cantankerous human being who ever walked the earth with guitar in hand. At the same time, he was an incredible blues musician: a gifted songwriter, a powerhouse vocalist, and an exceptional idiosyncratic guitarist. Despite his deserved reputation as a fighter (documented in Michael Bloomfield's bizarre booklet Me and Big Joe), artists who knew him well treated him as a respected elder statesman. Even so, they may not have chosen to play with him, because — as with other older Delta artists — if you played with him you played by his rules.
1. So Soon I'll Be Goin' My Way Back Home 3:34
2. Shake 'Em On Down 2:47
3. Saturday Night Jump 2:30
4. Jinx Blues 2:29
5. Pick A Pickle 3:15
6. Ramblin' And Wanderin' Blues 2:33
7. Old Saw Mill Blues 2:35
8. Don't The Apples Look Mellow Hangin' 2:58
9. El Paso Blues 2:19
10. Back Home Blues 2:53
11. Don't You Leave Me Here 3:02
12. Shaggy Hound Blues 3:24

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