Monday, October 13, 2014

The LIfe Of Riley

Here is a gigantic upload with the latest documentary about B.B. King's life. Enjoy it!


BB KING: The LIFE OF RILEY narrated by Morgan Freeman and joined by Bono, Bill Cosby, Eric Clapton, Bill Cosby, Dr. John, Bruce Willis and 20+ other heavyweight contributors including appearances by Keith Richards, Mick Jagger and President Obama. BB King opens his heart and tells the story of how an oppressed and orphaned young man came to influence and earn the unmitigated praise of the music industry and its following, to carry the title: 'KING OF THE BLUES'. Filmed on location all over America as well as in the United Kingdom, this picture brings to life the heat and gin-soaked plantations where it all began. With the full cooperation of the BB King Museum, owners of vaults and archives so precious and immense, that several trips had to be made to America to revisit the collection and partake of its many gems. Prejudice and segregation has stained the lives of countless black person and BB 'Riley' King made sure that through his music, he never allowed it to mar his spirit. This is the essence of the story that makes an astoundingly beautiful film; extremely informative and visually captivating.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Elmore James - Got To Move

All the stuff here was recorded in the early sixties.
This another vinyl rip, this time brought to you in another format, mp3s.
I've noticed that the high resolution files don't do well and that people might prefer smaller files.
A little feedback here will certainly be useful!

1.Dust My Broom (60's version)
2.Done SOmeone Wrong
3.Knocking At Your Door
4.Fine Little Mama
5.Pickin' The Blues
6.Strange Angels
7.Bledding Heart
8.I've Got A Right To Love My Baby
9.Early One Morning
10.Look Over Yonder Wall
11.Got To Move
12.Make My Dreams Come True
13.It Hurts Me Too (60's Version)
14.Elmore's Contribution To Jazz
15.Held My Baby Last Night
16.Every Day I Have The Blues

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

B.B. King - Live In Cook County Jail

Here is another vinyl rip from my collection, this is an american (Pickwick SPC 3654) pressing brought to you in amazing 96 KHz / 24 Bit, this time instead of WAV files I bring you FLAC.
Enjoy smooth warm mids, big dynamic range and B.B. King at his very best!

B.B. King has cut a lot of albums since the success of Live at the Regal. And, like the live shows they document, none of them are any less than solid and professional, hallmarks of King's work aesthetic. But every so often B.B. truly catches fire; his playing and singing comes up an extra notch or two, and the result is a live album with some real sparks to it. Live in Cook County Jail is one of those great concerts that the record company was smart enough to be there to capture, documenting B.B. firing on all cylinders in front of an audience that's just damn happy for him to be there. Possibly the best live version of "The Thrill Is Gone" of all its many incarnations, and rock solid renditions of classics like "Everyday I Have the Blues," "How Blue Can You Get?," "Sweet Sixteen" and a great medley of "3 O'Clock Blues" and "Darlin' You Know I Love You." Live at the Regal is still the champ of King's live output, but many say this runs a close second, and they just may be right.

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Jimmy Rogers - Ludella

One of the most enriching contemporary items in Rogers's growing album catalog. Combining studio tracks with live performances, the set trods heavily on the past with loving renditions of "Rock This House," "Ludella," "Sloppy Drunk," and "Chicago Bound." Kim Wilson proves a worthy harp disciple of Little Walter, while bassist Bob Stroger and drummer Ted Harvey lay down supple grooves behind the blues great.

Tracks and info:

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FLAC, 322 MB

B.B. King - Completely Well

Completely Well was B.B. King's breakthrough album in 1969, which finally got him the long-deserved acclaim that was no less than his due. It contained his signature number, "The Thrill Is Gone," and eight other tunes, six of them emanating from King's pen, usually in a co-writing situation. Hardliners point to the horn charts and the overdubbed strings as the beginning of the end of King's old style that so identifiably earmarked his early sides for the Bihari Brothers and his later tracks for ABC, but this is truly the album that made the world sit up and take notice of B.B. King. The plus points include loose arrangements and a small combo behind him that never dwarfs the proceedings or gets in the way. King, for his part, sounds like he's having a ball, playing and singing at peak power. This is certainly not the place to start your B.B. King collection, but it's a nice stop along the way before you finish it.

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Champion Jack Dupree - The Legacy Of The Blues Vol.3

I bring you another fine vinyl rip, this time in glorious 96 KHz / 24 Bit.Champion Jack Dupree recorded this material in London in 1971.Champion Jack Dupree recorded this material in London in 1971.  
Pick it!

Sam Charteer - Producer
Huey Flint - Drums
Benny Galagher - Bass
Peter Curtley - Guitar
Paul Rowan - Harmonica

Side 1
1.Vietnam Blues
2.Drunk Again
3.Found My Baby Gone
4.Anything You Want
5.Will It Be

Side 2
6.You're The One
7.Down And Out
8.Roamin' Special
9.The Life I Lead
10.Jit-A-Bug Jump

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WAV 96 KHz / 24 Bit , 1.1 Gb

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Jimmy Yancey - Piano Solos

Here is another cool vinyl rip in high resolution for you.
This is an Italian-only collection of Jimmy's early (all tracks taken from a session done in New York in April 1939).


1.Jimmy's Stuff
2.Rolling The Stone
3.Steady Rock Blues
4.P.I.K Special
5.South Side Stuff
6.Yancey's Gateway
7.La Salle Street Breakdown
8.Two O'Clock Blues
9.Janie's Joys
10.Lean Bacon
11.Big Bear Train
12.Lucile's Lament

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