Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dave Bartholomew - The Chronological Dave Bartholomew 1947- 1950 - Released in 2001.


Part of Classics' chronological series, 1947-1950 collects many of New Orleans trumpeter/vocalist Dave Bartholomew's early sides recorded well before his legendary association writing songs for '50s rock icon Fats Domino. Fitting nicely into the postwar jump blues style, Bartholomew actually came out of the New Orleans brass band tradition. Although his big fat trumpet sound can be directly linked to such influences as Louis Armstrong and Roy Eldridge, his idiosyncratic penchant for bending notes is actually more reminiscent of guitar legends like Guitar Slim and T-Bone Walker. Included here are such bluesy and raucous tunes as "Mr. Fool," "That's How You Got Killed Before," and "Poppa Stoppa Theme Song," which has to go down as the hippest radio show theme since "Jumpin' With Symphony Sid."


2-She's Got Great Big Eyes
3-Dave's Boogie Woogie
4-Bum Mae
5-Mr. Fool
6-Country Boy
7-High Society Blues
8-Girt Blues
9-Carnival Day
10-That's How You Got Killed Before
11-Messy Bessy
12-Going To Chow
13-Poppa Stoppa Theme Song
14-Ain't Gonna Do It
15-Country Boy Goes Home
16-Ah Cubanas
17-Frantic Chick
18-Good Jax Boogie

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