Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Clarence Gatemouth Brown - The Best Of A Blues Legend - 1995.

70's recordings by the man


1. Bogalusa Boogie Man 4:38
2. The Drifter 7:27
3. Loup Garou 3:25
4. Jelly, Jelly 4:54
5. Gate's On The Heat 5:10
6. Please Mr. Nixon 4:59
7. Goto My Mojo Working 4:32
8. Cajun Blues 3:34
9. "1:49 of Gate showing how not to start a take on time...." 1:48
10. Gate's Express 3:54
11. Breaux Bridge Rag 2:59
12. Louisian' 3:02
13. Rosalie 2:30
14. Birmingham 2:37
15. After The Band Is Gone 1:54

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Jimmie Vaughan - Plays More Blues, Ballads & Favorites - 2011.


"If at first you succeed, do it again," seems to be Austin blues/R&B guitarist Jimmie Vaughan's motto, as he returns to the well that provided a hit for him only a year before this second volume's release. Since it took nearly nine years between albums before this, it's obvious that both the acceptance of the last set, and its concept, were something that resonated with him enough to bring the same band back for another batch of covers of cool obscurities from the past. Recording in mono -- oddly not noted on the sleeve notes -- and live in the studio provides a batch of hot-wired, energized performances that do justice to songs that were likely originally recorded under similar circumstances five or six decades ago. Only the most obsessive of blues fans will recognize some of the artists such as Jivin' Gene, Teddy Humphries, and Annie Laurie who first recorded these minor gems, let alone the songs themselves. Vaughan digs deep to unearth seldom heard, let alone covered, tracks associated with better-known figures like Ray Charles, Jimmy Liggins, and Hank Williams, Sr. He also revives another Jimmy Reed cover, "I'm a Love You," something he has been obsessed with after recording two albums of the bluesman's material riding shotgun to Omar Kent Dykes. Once again, Lou Ann Barton jumps on board to add her distinctive Southern voice in duet settings and even gets her picture on the cover, even though she only contributes to three tracks, one less than last time. A two-man horn section of saxists Doug James and Greg Piccolo, both ex-Roomful of Blues, brings the jump blues titles into full swing. Vaughan keeps his typically clipped solos sharp and punchy, using his instrument to punctuate rather than drive the attack. It sounds as loose and animated as studio sessions can be, with seemingly no overdubs to rob the music of its natural spontaneity. Liner notes explaining how Vaughan came in contact with, and was influenced by, these relatively lost gems would have gone a long way to help newcomers appreciate his motivation. Regardless, this remains a terrific, crackling listen and a great party album that sounds as rollicking in 2011 as it would have 50 years earlier.


01. I Ain't Never [03:02]
02. No Use Knocking [03:26]
03. Teardrop Blues [04:46]
04. I Hang My Head And Cry [03:40]
05. It's Been A Long Time [03:31]
06. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do [02:44]
07. What Makes You So Tough [03:36]
08. Greenback Dollar Bill [02:10]
09. I'm In The Mood For You [02:21]
10. I Ain't Gonna Do It No More [03:48]
11. Cried Like A Baby [03:53]
12. Oooh Oooh Oooh [03:58]
13. I Want To Love You [02:45]
14. The Rains Came [02:49]

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Watermelon Slim & Super Chikan - Okiesippi Blues - 2011.

Two of the hottest bluesmen join forces on Okiesippie Blues. Watermelon Slim & Super Chikan are two of the hottest bluesmen in the world today.

Over the last five years, Watemelon Slim has received 17 Blues Music Award nominations, including wins for Band of the Year and Album of the Year. In 2011, Watermelon Slim is nominated for DVD of the year.

Super Chikan has also received acclaim with six Blues Music Award nominations in the last 2 years-- including Entertainer of the Year! IN 2010, Super Chikan won Traditional Male Blues Album for Chikadelic.

1-Truckin' Blues
2-I Don't Wear No Sunglasses
3-The Trip
4-I'm A Little Fish
5-Northwest Regional  Medical Center Blues
6-Diddley-Bo Jam
7-Thou Art With Me
8-You Might Know
9-Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning
10-Within You Without You / Dinde


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Popa Chubby: Univeral Breakdown Blues.


Unhappy with what he sees as an uncertain era, Popa Chubby aggressively delivers the Universal Breakdown Blues ("A shakedown you can use") on this 2013 release, but the end message is one of hope. Still, it takes a lot of shouting, screaming, and intense blues rock to get there, beginning with the hard-rocking, boogie blues opener “I Don’t Want Nobody,” where Hammond organist Dave Keyes gives the funky support over which Chubby churns out the riffs. Later, there’s the title track where Chubby’s love of Hendrix-styled playing meets his socially conscious and socially disgusted lyrics, plus the shuffling breakup number “69 Dollars,” where an ex’s weekend whiskey bill is added up, but the key cut has to be the epic “Over the Rainbow,” delivered in a version that evolves so significantly, it could very well be called a “suite.” That stellar cover is a giant step forward for Chubby, and he’s not one known for his love of growth and progress, but if sneering at giving the people what they want, or doing what you do best is an issue, then this ain’t your Popa. Chubby’s fans can think of it as the album with a little more social commentary, plus the usual guts and grit, or standard issue but quite satisfying.


01. I Don't Want Nobody
02. I Ain't Giving Up
03. Universal Breakdown Blues
04. The Peoples Blues
05. Rock Me Baby
06. 69 Dollars
07. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
08. I Need A Lil' Mojo
09. Danger Man
10. Take Me Back To Amsterdam (Reefer Smokin' Man)
11. The Finger Bangin' Boogie
12. Mind Bender

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