Tuesday, March 22, 2011

K.M. Williams - Truth Music - 2005 .


This CD is a rockin, modern, 21th Century take on Country Blues that was born primarily out of Great Traditional, Regional Country Blues styles. The first regions; the Mississippi Hill Country Boogie and Delta Blues. The second regions; the Cotton Country Blues and Backwood Spirituals of Central Texas. The Texas Country Blues Preacher, KM WILLIAMS, combined elements of all these styles and added his own unique Texas/Missisippi/Lousiana Country Blues approach to compose this new CD which he calls TRUTH MUSIC. The music reflects the Funky Mississippi Hill Country Boogie of RL BURNSIDE, the Soulful Real Deal Delta Blues of ROBERT JOHNSON, the Lousiana swamp boogie of SLIM HARPO, the inventive, poetic Texas Country Blues of LIGHTNIN' HOPKINS and the Deep Spiritual Groove of BLIND WILLIE JOHNSON. This CD is one of the NEW BLUES CDs that points to the future of the real blues in the 21th Century. So if you really like Modern Hill Country Blues Mix as performed on CDs recently by RL Burnside, but still a fan of the deep Traditional Country Blues of Robert Johnson and Lightnin' Hopkins.

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