Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hiram Bullock - Live At The Manny's Car Wash - 1996.

Review By Dirty:
Here is another post that doesn't have a lot to do with Rukus Juice... But then again, this is a very enjoyable Fusion Album that for some reason has gained an awful review from Allmusic.
Hiram is an amazing guitar player and has always amazed me, here in a live situation he plays this relaxed set of Rock n Roll standards.
He Kicks off with a version of I Can't get Next To You , that features Clint de Gannon and Will Lee providing a solid and precise structure full of Fusion mannerisms... It's a Blues tune, but it's easy to notice that it's being played by some great Jazz musicians.
I Shot The Sheriff is quite loose and instrumental... If you notice well you'll see some moments of indecision by Hiram (as he plays the melody at the end of the first chorus), but that only reminds that this cd must've been recorded in one of these delightful tiny club gigs I love playin' myself too.
Got To Give It Up is coll... Some nice falsettos and again tight drums and bass.
Bean Burrito is a track that'll make you giggle... This one was written by Hiram and talks about his personal way to stave off "cullinaire boredom".
Angelina is just a filler.
Red House might be a cliché, but then again it's nice to me to - sometimes - listen what a fusion bunch brings to a Blue stune.
All Along The Watchtower is amazing, Hiram adds so much to this one by playin' it in a jazzy way... You'll find great octave licks, unnision bends to reproduce the Howlin' wind...And man believe the Jazz groove they caught one this one makes it this album's highlight.
Another great moment comes at end. The Band plays a cool Rockin' version of Higher Ground.
I don't know buddies...I think this one sounds a lot like many gigs I played myself.
Geti it!

1. I Can't Get Next to You - Hiram Bullock, Strong, Barrett
2. I Shot the Sheriff - Hiram Bullock, Marley, Bob
3. Little Wing - Hiram Bullock, Hendrix, Jimi
4. Got to Give It Up - Hiram Bullock, Gaye, Marvin
5. Angelina - Hiram Bullock, Bullock, Hiram
6. Bean Burrito - Hiram Bullock, Bullock, Hiram
7. Red House - Hiram Bullock, Hendrix, Jimi
8. All Along the Watchtower - Hiram Bullock, Dylan, Bob
9. Can't Find My Way Home / Dear Prudence - Hiram Bullock, Lennon, John
10. Window Shoppin' - Hiram Bullock, Bullock, Hiram
11. Higher Ground - Hiram Bullock, Wonder, Stevie

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wav (original 16 bit cd file), No Scans.

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