Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Elmore James - Got To Move

All the stuff here was recorded in the early sixties.
This another vinyl rip, this time brought to you in another format, mp3s.
I've noticed that the high resolution files don't do well and that people might prefer smaller files.
A little feedback here will certainly be useful!

1.Dust My Broom (60's version)
2.Done SOmeone Wrong
3.Knocking At Your Door
4.Fine Little Mama
5.Pickin' The Blues
6.Strange Angels
7.Bledding Heart
8.I've Got A Right To Love My Baby
9.Early One Morning
10.Look Over Yonder Wall
11.Got To Move
12.Make My Dreams Come True
13.It Hurts Me Too (60's Version)
14.Elmore's Contribution To Jazz
15.Held My Baby Last Night
16.Every Day I Have The Blues

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mp3 , 63 MB


  1. For vinyl rips, I prefer mp3. You can only get a certain amount of sound from the LP. Still enjoy all your shares!

  2. I personally love your hi-rez vinyl rips and am always glad to see them. But I'm generally grateful for everything that you post!