Friday, April 1, 2011

Willie Foster - Live at Airport Grocery - 2000.


At first sight, the appearance of this legendary bluesman can fool you. Willie Foster is 77 years old, confined to a wheelchair, and legally blind, but to see him play is to know what the blues is all about. Mempho Records is proud to announce "Live at Airport Grocery," the latest United States release from Willie Foster. Recorded live to 12 Track analog, "Live at Airport Grocery" is a testament to the soul and love Willie foster has for his Music. Airport Grocery is a small Bar-B-Q juke joint in Cleveland, Mississippi. It is one of those places we have all seen, but often overlook; a great place to get some hot food and see live performances from some of the best kept secrets the South has to offer. "Live at Airport Grocery" is just such a performance that is captured and reproduced for everyone to enjoy. Willie Foster's performances unveil his life as a bluesman. As he says "The blues is a burden. You've got to live the blues to know the blues." From being born in a cotton field of the Mississippi delta to loosing loved ones, this recording reveals and expresses his innermost feelings. Track 2, "Love Everybody" speaks for itself. On track 8, he sings about his departed "Dear Old Dad," and nearly brings you to tears with his wailing harmonica on track 3, "Honey Ain't Sweet." An authentic bluesman whose career has spanned the better part of this century, Willie Foster is living history. Listen for yourself and be taken back to a time when all that mattered was a rhythm and a song.

1. Just Messin' Round 4:13
2. Love Everybody 5:45
3. Honey Ain't Sweet 7:19
4. Hoochie Coochie Man 6:32
5. Janie On My Mind 5:37
6. Promise Me Love 5:07
7. Goin to St. Louis 5:33
8. My Dear Old Dad 8:18
9. Willie's Boogie 4:06

Willie Foster - Vocals,Harp
Charlie Ricker - Rhythm & Lead Guitar
Skeeter Provis - Rhythm & Lead Guitar
Donnie Brown - Bass
Frank Vick - Drums
Larry Wright - Drums

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